Friday, 8 February 2013

Sandy Storyline poster

I recently designed this poster for Sandy Storyline, an oral history project gathering stories from people affected by Hurricane Sandy. The US government has a history of dismally responding to natural disasters when they hit poor people and Sandy was no different. What was different is that the Occupy movement stepped in with mutual aid rather than charity.

Distribution centers were set up from Brooklyn to Philadelphia with loads of volunteers providing not just food and clothing but also printed resources to aid people in taking the recovery into their own hands. And because rebuilding community is far more involved than crisis management, the work is ongoing.

FEMA, the government's Emergency Management Agency that failed to do their one and only job, openly praised the work of Occupy Sandy. Remember that the Occupy protesters were violently evicted from Zuccotti Park with over 200 people arrested at the behest of the same government only a year before Hurricane Sandy hit. And people think we need the state to protect us from disorder, chaos and violence.

Poster printed, along with another design by Dave Loewenstein, by the good folks at Occuprint. Look for it on display in one of the many communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Dave said...

Hey Lindsay,
Dave Loewenstein here. Thanks for posting my storyline poster along with your lovely one. I never got to see them in print. How were you able to get copies?