Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Saint Drogo

I was watching a documentary about Medieval Christian mysticism and the cult of the saints sounded a lot better than the cult of celebrity we are now expected to worship. Drogo is the patron saint of mental illness, coffee houses, sheep and unattractive people (I've illustrated him before the nasty accident he had on pilgrimage). More saints to follow.

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Unknown said...

The pictures are amazing.

Could you do St Francis preaching love to the birds, as per the Seamus Heaney poem?

I know it's a bit obvious and your probably looking for some less obvious ones.

Anyway it's a nice poem.

When Francis preached love to the birds,
They listened, fluttered, throttled up
Into the blue like a flock of words

Released for fun from his holy lips.
Then wheeled back, whirred about his head,
Pirouetted on brothers' capes,

Danced on the wing, for sheer joy played
And sang, like images took flight.
Which was the best poem Francis made,

His argument true, his tone light.