Monday, 28 March 2011

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benefit & multiply by Lindsay Starbuck
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We are stronger when we work together.
There are insects that damage the things we want to nurture, and others that will fight our corner. If our goal is to grow some parsley from seed, the ladybirds will feed on the aphids that try to suck the seedling dry.

We should do all we can to support those who support us. This doesn't mean just tolerating them but encouraging their continued survival, even when we find
some of them scary. It's the only way we can win the war against the wanton destroyers.

Clockwise from top left: ladybird/ladybug: eats mountains of aphids; hoverfly: excellent pollinator, eats aphids, thrips and decaying matter; green lacewing: eats mites and aphids; garden spider: eats moths, wasps and flies.

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