Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Free downloadable graphics from members of the Caged Bird Club

Inspired by the artists of Justseeds offering free downloadable graphics in support of the labour movement in Wisconsin, the Caged Bird Club has decided to offer some of our own in response to what people in the UK are currently facing. You can download high-resolution A3 size versions of each of these images and use them however you want. Please share and distribute widely.

Blind People Against the Cuts by Sav Kyriacou
Download hi-res pdf

The Welfare Reform Bill is nothing but an exercise in reducing welfare payments to people with disabilities by 20%. Blind and partially sighted people will suffer like anyone else under the new proposals. A switch from Disability Living Allowance to a Personal Independence Payment will mean that many will lose any contribution towards the extra cost of living with sight loss, making them more isolated. Linking benefits to the consumer rather than retail price index will reduce the value of benefits enormously over time.

The idea came from illustrator Joe Magee, who about ten years ago was sacked by the Daily Telegraph when one of its readers pointed out that the braille symbols that he used in many of his illustrations had hidden messages, such as "this publication supports body fascism".

The braille on the poster says: "Fucked by Cameron and Clegg!"

Election Results - Collaboration between Sav Kyriacou and Lindsay Starbuck
Download hi-res pdf

We all know the Tories didn't actually win any election. But does everyone know that's still the case after counting the votes received by the other members of their coalition when you take voter turnout into account? On top of this, they said nothing about cuts in their manifesto or during the election. They have no mandate. Full stop.

Political maps of the UK (set of four) by Lindsay Starbuck

I did a search using the phrase "against the cuts" and found opposition in every corner of the UK, from Dundee to Cornwall, from Norfolk to Belfast. At a UK Uncut demo last month, we were in the middle of Marylebone where people driving 4x4s were honking in support of higher taxation for banks.

It made me wonder, who exactly is supporting this government? The only pro-cuts rhetoric I could find was coming from the government itself and the corporations who prop them up.

On each map, the green represents the whole of the UK, the purple represents the City of London, Houses of Parliament and Canary Wharf and the grey stripes represent the Republic of Ireland.

Download hi-res pdf of cuts map

Download hi-res pdf of fair share map

Download hi-res pdf of riot map

Download hi-res pdf of fucked map

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