Monday, 19 September 2011

Pivo: letting go

Berliners have a different attitude to graffiti than most people. My friend explained to me how the local fire station in his neighborhood has had it's entire garage door covered but there is no effort to get rid of it because the door still works so what difference does it really make? Indeed.

We also went to look at the first ever Caged Bird Club exhibition we put up in Neukoln back in 2008 and every single bit of it was still there. This is completely unbelievable to someone who lives in London and is lucky to have her street art last two weeks.

I spent a good deal of time late at night looking for a place to put this up that wasn't already completely covered in graffiti. But I was also looking for somewhere that felt safe enough that other people would feel confident to contribute to this without fear of getting caught.

I've titled this one 'letting go' because it is an open collaboration, which was the concept behind the Caged Bird Club from the beginning. The box is left open and it is up to others to decide what kind of birds are flying out and being let go. 

So far I have the following artists to thank for their contributions: (clockwise from top) Matthew Cunningham, Anna Morgan, Aina West (both tiny birds) and Wyn Gilley. I hope many more will add to this bit of shared art in Berlin. If you do add artwork, please take photos and email them to me so I can post them here. 

Pasted up outside the Radspannerei bike shop at Admiralstra├če 23, Kreuzberg Berlin.

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