Monday, 16 January 2012


When I first learned to use Illustrator, I thought I would never do anything by hand again. Now that I've started doing everything by hand again (especially fonts), I'm wondering why I ever stopped in the first place. Painting with a good brush is so damn satisfying!

This week, I decided to break the word 'prepare' down to one small phonetic part and see where it visually and logically went, sort of like six degrees of separation. An example sentence to clarify my logic: I used my entire Sunday to prepare a piece for Illustration Friday, which meant I had to ignore the fact that my taxes are due in less than two weeks. 

BTW - 'knor' is an old English word for a bump or growth on a tree and is most likely where words like knot and knobbly come from. 


Cindy D. said...

Neat idea! I like the red on that background. Nice lettering, too.

Unknown said...

hand-drawn lettering is lovely - really nicely done.

Gabrielle said...

Nice lettering and concept! I know how you feel about Illustrator vs making marks on actual paper. I do miss the ctrl Z option when hand drawing, though ;)

Unknown said...

Cool idea.

I agree with you guys. Sometimes you find yourself spending ages in illustrator or photoshop trying to make things look like they are hand painted or printed.... when it would be a lot easier (and more fun) just to paint it!

If you do find that undo option you'll be a millionaire!

Anne Manda said...

Very nice, love the colors!
Yes, ctrl z would be nice to have in real life. Altough mistakes are good for learning. ;)