Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What's not to love?

I originally made this with the haters in mind. An open question about why graffiti in London gets taken down or painted over so quickly (unless you are one of a handful of mostly white male street artists who are asked to put your stuff up repeatedly in Shoreditch). 

But I ended up pasting it up on the weekend of my 35th birthday and it made more sense to turn it into a positive affirmation of where I'm at right now rather than an expression of something that sounds like adolescent sour grapes. 

I have organized my life so that I can afford to work part time and spend the rest of my time focusing on art and activism.

I like what I do for a living but I don't have to make a living out of what I most love to do. 

And therefore, I don't have to make any compromises. None at all. 

So seriously, what's not to love? I can even learn to live with those wrinkles. 

Pasted up on Helmsley Place in Hackney, next to the railway bridge.

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