Sunday, 11 March 2012

Caged Bird Club in Edinburgh

The Caged Bird Club put up our third exhibition this weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland featuring incredible artist Rudy, aged only five. A major focus of Rudy's work is creatures of the sea, which can now be seen swimming around the streets of Leith.

This is the first major exhibition of Rudy's artwork. It came as a surprise to the artist to see his work displayed repeatedly and so prominently on the streets. His response on seeing these was, "We have got a mystery on our hands!"

He had suspicions that it might be the work of burglars and came up with a plan to get to the bottom of it. He thought the best thing to do was to take down the works and send them to the police who could get fingerprints off the back of them and track down the vandals. 

Representatives of the Caged Bird Club were able to convince Rudy that perhaps it would be best to just learn to enjoy this attention as clearly his artwork was considered worthy of a solo exhibition.

The people of Edinburgh will be able to enjoy Rudy's art for as long as the weather and council's graffiti removal team are willing to cooperate.

Pasted up along Elm Row, Annandale Street and East London Street in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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