Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sneaky peek

We've been pretty busy preparing for the Ante-exhibition this weekend but we thought we'd share some photos of our process. If you were hoping for a surprise, look away now.

This is Pivo preparing to print one of 5 (five!) brand new stencils.

The printing process. Check out the action on that brush! As you can see, she has created a huge mess and taken over the entire living room. 

The night before, The No took over the whole kitchen floor to build a huge frame. 

And a little light box that used to house clementines. 

Despite the lack of space, we still managed to have a delicious Sunday roast. Good food is necessary to fuel creativity.

We had to spill out into the garden to work on the other part. The No likes to use loud power tools and create an even bigger mess so it's usually best that he works outside anyway.

Here he is sanding around the drilled holes. It's all to achieve this little bit of magic:

That's actual sunlight, the first we've seen in weeks. What timing.

What you can expect from the Caged Bird Club if you come to Shipley on the 5th and 6th of May: big, colourful prints, some interesting history, a whole lot of black paint and a tiny bit of light. But what we are excited about most is what you will do. Come help us, if for no other reason than to show solidarity for us hauling all this stuff halfway up the UK on public transport.

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