Monday, 11 March 2013

Illustrations for Charlotte Cooper

I was recently asked by Charlotte Cooper, the totally amazing fat activist, diy cultural producer, writer and counsellor/psychotherapist, to create some illustrations for her new website. Her awesomeness is so well known that she is a featured subject in the latest issue of Shape and Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women.

She gave me a series of photos of objects around her workspace that inspire her and represent her unique world view. I crowded these familiar objects on a shelf to represent the way she manages to take very complex critical thinking and present it in a completely accessible and relevant way.

It's straight-up comforting to know that someone like Charlotte provides counselling. Someone who recognises problems as systemic and interrogates the intersectionality of different forms of discrimination. In her own words, "I think of counselling and psychotherapy as part of a bigger project of social change that brings people happiness and fulfilment in life."

More than anything though, it's just great to know that Charlotte is out there, organising things like the Fattylympics, publicly challenging the annual January fat panic bullshit and positively affecting people in all sorts of ways. If you haven't already read what she has to say, go here now!

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