Sunday, 9 August 2015

Free educational minizine

I developed and riso printed a new mini-zine. It's fairly simple and self-explanatory. If my lifetime of experience is at all representative, I think it will be relevant to many people in many situations. That is unfortunate.

I truly hope you will never have cause to use this but you probably will. When that times comes (maybe it's right now), it will be here for you. You can give it directly to someone you think needs to read it or leave it lying around in a space where theory bros hang out. You can even share how it goes down by posting a comment below.

This is on the inside when you unfold it. If you want, you could just print this out on another sheet and keep it for yourself. The whole thing is a copyleft publication so you are free to duplicate and distribute it. 

Print it in black and white, on exciting paper, in different riso colors or even embellish it with your own drawings or hand written notes. Seriously, do whatever you need to do.
Free A4 pdf black and white download here
Folding and cutting instructions here

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