Thursday, 8 July 2010

Pivo: A little squirrel dialogue

A conversation between someone's anonymous stencil and my wheatpaste. Original print (with more legible text) can be seen here.

Red squirrel: Oi! Get off my land, you Yank twat!
Grey squirrel: Dude, I'm Canadian! But how can you even say that anyway? We're, like, brothers, man.
Red squirrel: Brothers? You're having a laugh, aren't you? You come over here, eat our acorns, nick our trees. And now you're saying you're here to stay?

Grey squirrel: We've been here since at least the 1800s, bro. How many generations do we have to live here to finally be considered native?
Red squirrel: Never! No one wants you here! You know what you are? An invasive species. You need controlling. Or better still, sterilising.

Grey squirrel: Whoa! Haven't you noticed that those corners you guys live in are also the only parts of the country that haven't had the forests cut down? We can totally survive in cities, surely you can't blame us for being adaptable.
Red squirrel: So what?

Grey squirrel: So it's not about you against me, dude. It's about the Man, man. People drove you to near extinction by killing off your habitat. Then they blame it on us. It's classic divide and conquer.
Red squirrel: So you reckon the only way to survive is to rise up together and overpower our oppressors?!

Grey squirrel: Exactly! ...wait a second, was that a hazelnut that just fell over there?
Red squirrel:
I saw it first, you scrounging foreigner.

Grey squirrel:
Yeah? Let's see you make it across the street without getting flattened, redneck!

Pasted up on Essex Road, Islington London near Essex Road train station.

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