Monday, 4 October 2010

Pivo across America - Grand Haven

I didn't know that there was going to be a local art competition when I went to Grand Haven, Michigan to see my parents but it ended up being the perfect opportunity to paste up some street art in a town that rarely sees (or at least keeps) any graffiti. To try to ensure this didn't get taken down prematurely, I even faked an entry form by cutting out the logo for the Grand Haven Artwalk from their brochure and pasting it up next to my 'entry' (it's the little blue square on the left). 

Although Grand Haven is where my parents live, this piece is meant to celebrate the people in my life I consider family who I'm not related to. They made this trip across the country possible by housing, feeding and entertaining my partner and me.

One of them even managed to do this despite being out of town by giving us his room in Brooklyn and his two roommates (who we'd never met before) were unbelievably welcoming. Obviously, NYC would have been one of the most expensive places for us to shell out for a hotel on our trip. I hope I can adequately repay the generosity we encountered when people visit London. 

The whole series I made for and pasted up in America was meant to emphasize the ways in which we can all be more giving. It was born out of frustration with the levels of selfishness I encounter every day living in London. 

What happened along the way was that I was reminded about how many people are already generous and good. This is dedicated to them. 

Pasted up in the parking lot on Franklin Ave between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Grand Haven, MI.

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