Monday, 28 November 2011

More free graphics from the Caged Bird Club: 30th November.

A couple of new, free downloadable graphics to show your support for the public sector strike on Wednesday. Put them up in your windows, office, school or paste them up on the walls.

Bullseye by Lindsay Starbuck 
I made "get the facts" prominent because the blatant lies being pumped out by the government and the media about "gold-plated" public sector pensions are pathetic. People have really bought them and, in turn, accepted the idea that there should be a race to the bottom in terms of workers' rights and benefits.

Venn diagram by Lindsay Starbuck
James Venn invented these diagrams in 1880 to illustrate simple set relationships. A bit of old logic that still makes perfect sense.

If you don't work in the public sector you can still support the strike. Visit picket lines near your work. Bring picketers cups of tea to help them keep warm or go join them on your lunch break. Challenge your colleagues if they call public sector workers greedy. Remind them who is really greedy in our society (banks, corporations and our government full of millionaires).

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