Saturday, 19 November 2011

Pivo: the beautiful bank of ideas

There are times when things fit together and make perfect sense. Right now is one of those times. The Occupation in London has reached it's five week mark and a new space has joined the two existing sites. But this is not a camp, it's a huge, empty office building formerly owned by investment bank UBS in the heart of London. Welcome to the Bank of Ideas!

I've been working on info (mainly talking to the public) and spending most of my free time at the camp. As a result, my art has been very neglected. But then, last night at about 5pm I was tasked with decorating the info space of the newest Occupation that opened this morning. 

Fortunately, my work consists of stencils that are pretty easy to replicate and I didn't have to create anything 'new' for the space. It was still a lot of work though, and it wasn't all up until 3:30 in the morning. 

There were some new touches. The girl holding the cardboard box is releasing my favorite line from my favorite Silver Mt. Zion song: "We want punks in the palace coz punks got the loveliest dreams". Spend 15 minutes listening to this song and it might just make your day.

I also finally got to put up the Celebrate People's History posters I was entrusted with many moons ago. I'd like to think that more people will have the chance to stop and read them at this site than they would if they were up on the streets of London and most likely torn down in a matter of days. 

That same little girl (in the blue sweater on the wall, not the woman in the beret on the chair) from here and here is helping out again.

And last but not least, I got to put the one that suffered an undetermined fate in Brooklyn last year up as it was originally intended. This time, I gave it a simplified but more imperative message. 

A million thanks to Helen for her painting and lettering skills and to Matthew for helping me paint them, put them all up and go back again after very little sleep to photograph them. Pasted up in the former UBS building on Sun Street in London.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

laurajanine said...

I love that little girl, I always want to pinch her side bellies! Also nice to see the CPH posters up too: looks great!

lindsaydraws said...

Thanks! Be careful Laura, if you don't get her permission first you could be in violation of the safe spaces policy ;)

laurajanine said...

oh I never would, I just want to. CHUBBY KIDS 4EVA!