Thursday, 8 November 2012

Leeds Zine Fair

I participated in a talk/workshop about art and social and political history along with Melanie Maddison at Leeds Zine Fair last weekend. There were lots of other things going on too. Here is my go at 'have a go' letterpress. I completely ruined the first one through over-eagerness and this one is full of fingerprints as a result of impatience. Still, I did it myself.

To compliment our workshop, we put together an exhibition of art that takes on misunderstood, forgotten or just plain ignored history. I included one of my prints from Ante-exhibition back in May 2012.

I also revived part of my exhibition from the Bank of Ideas that was evicted in January 2012. We were able to feature other people's fantastic art from the Celebrate People's History and Inspired Agitators series.

In the same room was an exhibition of the latest posters from Melanie's zine Shape and Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women. I was so pleased to have my poster of Helen Brook on display with so many other great designs and to learn about all the women featured.

We also brought along a series of other resources; zines, books and graphic novels. This was the first outing for my Occuprint portfolio. But this was more than just about showing off what we have done. We used all of these to get people's juices flowing in the hopes they will contribute to the zine we are putting together. Even if you couldn't make it to Leeds, you can still contribute to our zine Remembering who we are. And by the way, this year is making me really love Yorkshire.

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