Sunday, 2 December 2012

On fabric, in the woods

It would be understandable if you assumed I had given up putting my work on the streets in exchange for a cushty life of legitimate indoor exhibitions and poster making. But that doesn't mean that assumption is right. All this time, I've been cooking up something new and this is what it looks like.

It's the same stencil technique but on fabric instead of paper, applique instead of paint and stitching the finished work in place instead of wheat pasting.

I quickly learned that threading a needle with frozen hands is not easy.

Stitching to a tree limb a full arm's length above my head also provided a challenge.

In addition to the new technique, I've thought of some other changes to make. For one, I'm not hiding my identity anymore. Why bother?

Secondly, I'm trying to write less and let people interpret my work how they want. All that I need to say is that this one's personal. It's for my boo. It's made out of his dirty old ripped pajamas (the blue and white stripes). You can even see a dot of my blood on the shirt below from where I stabbed myself with a pin.

But I suppose it wouldn't hurt to encourage you to listen to this while you look at these photos and remind you to "cling to each other like pigeons in the rain."

Stitched up on the perfect tree in Grunewald, the beautiful forest on the western edge of Berlin.

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