Friday, 14 December 2012

Interview in COTL6

There is an interview with little old me in the latest issue of Colouring Outside the Lines. This zine is the brainchild of Melanie Maddison and it rocks. Printed by the great folks at Footprints Workers Co-op in Leeds. You can get yourself a copy (or copies) at her Etsy shop.

It was a real pleasure to talk and think about my art. It helped to remind me why I love to do it, what I get out of it and how unrelated both of these are to conventional forms of validation. But of course, it's pretty awesome to feel appreciated enough to be including in a project like this. 

Yes, it's that Megan Kelso! Yes, it's that Fly! Yes, it's that Caroline Paquita! And so on. So if you want to read me talk at length about how and why I make art (along with all these other amazing artists) get yourself a copy. It's one Christmas present I can actually endorse. The second one would be Shape and Situate of course.

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