caged bird club

The first ever test of the stencils in the foyer of my friend's apartment building in Berlin.

The Caged Bird Club was conceived after really wanting to set my friend's bird free in Berlin and thinking about how art can sometimes seem trapped in galleries and controlled by people with money. The four main ideas behind the Caged Bird Club are:
  • everyone's creativity is valid and should be encouraged (you don't have to go to art school to be an artist)
  • art should be shared freely with the world (you don't have to earn money from your art to be an artist)
  • art can be anywhere and everywhere (you don't have to have your art in a gallery to be an artist)
  • public space can be made more beautiful by anyone (you shouldn't have to pay to use public space and it shouldn't just be used to sell shit)
These are the past exhibitions and work done by members of the Caged Bird Club:

Remembering Who We are Exhibition - Space Station 65 Jan 2013

Haggerston Orchard and Community Garden Jan 2013

Ante-Art Shipley May 2012
Pivo & The No

Edinburgh March 2012
Drawings by Rudy

Anywhere March 2011 
Free downloadable designs for people to carry on a major march against government spending cuts. Click on the images to see more.

London August 2008
Photographs by Wyn Gilley

Berlin July 2008
Photographs by Matthew Cunningham